6 Sex-related Things to Know as a Woman

6 Sex-related Things to Know as a Woman

Use condom every time unless you are in a committed relationship with someone

If a guy argues with you about it and insists on running the risk of you getting pregnant, trust me, he is not the one to keep. Because there are so many reasons why condom is essential during sex. The guys who love you that never argue this thing with u. Love yourself and insist on using a condom for sex unless you are in a committed relationship with someone.

Pee after sex

Most girls get UTI at some point in their life. I believe that you never forget that burning feeling down there. UTI can make your health worse in the long term. But the good news is sex caused UTI can be easily avoided if you pee after sex. The bacteria will be out of your body system through pee. Next time, take care of your health and don’t be lazy.


Try out a few birth control methods

There is no doubt that birth control is a serious problem for sexually active women. The best way is carefully research everything and choose the best one that fits for you and your body. More importantly, try it out a few times to know that it truly works out for you.


Ask your partner to do an STD test

You were attracted to someone and were nervous about having sex with that man for the first time. But you were also embarrassed to ask him to do an STD checkup. You have to change your thought about it. Some STDs can not find any symptoms. Our sexual wellness should be our top priority.


Invest in a vibrator

Dating becomes really hard during the pandemic, most of time we stay at home. Sex is good for you. Investing in a vibrator is a good idea if you are single in the pandemic time. A vibrator can help you focus on your experience and release your personality. I personally like Mimoan vibrator because it combined multi modes that can tease your G-spot.


On the way of learning

There are many useful blogs, books, and documentaries online, some target mainly female sexuality. If you wonder where to start with, the easiest way is to google and find the most-rated materials within a few clicks. Practice makes perfect; it goes for sex as well. Sexual pleasure depends on how many sexual experiences you had and how much you love each other.


At last, sex is a mysterious, fascinating topic waiting to be explored. Mimoan hopes every woman can be pleasurable and excited during sex.