Kegel Balls Or Ben Wa Balls –the "Vaginal Dumbbells" Liked by Stars Solved Women's "Secret Concerns"

Kegel Balls Or Ben Wa Balls –the "Vaginal Dumbbells" Liked by Stars Solved Women's "Secret Concerns"

Many stars shared their Kegel Ball stories on Facebook to encourage women to accept their bodies and stop hiding away their pelvic problems.

What is pelvic floor muscles?

It's part of the perineal muscle group and one of the core muscle groups of our body. Pelvic muscles act as a "hanging net" that controls the urethra, vagina, and anus. (It's what makes you hold your urine)

As women, strong pelvic floor muscle contraction ability not only makes us more likely to have orgasms but also makes it feels "tighter" with more pleasures to your partner.

However, if the pelvic floor muscles relax or become less elastic, it's hard for our internal organs to stay in the right position, which might lead to health risks, such as the leakage of urine.

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It’s not just a problem for moms after giving birth, but a law of nature that every woman may have to experience. Yet most people, and even many women themselves, know little about it.

Note: Kim Anami, an intimacy expert who started a # ThingsilifWithMyVagina campaign on Instagram and encouraged women to pay attention to their pelvic floor health and Kegel Exercise.

At the end of the 19th century, an American P.H.D. of gynecology, Arnold Kegel created a method for exercising pelvic floor muscles based on the anal lifting exercise, called the Kegel Exercise.
Kegel Ball can help you more accurately locate the pelvic floor muscles for effective exercise. No need for extra attention, when you wear the balls, you can do it unconsciously, which makes it easier and more efficient to do regular exercise.
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For physical conditions and needs that may vary from person to person, we designed a variety of Kegel balls with different colors, materials, and weights.

The soft silicone band is flexible, stretchable, and durable. It’s hard to break pulled by forces.

Taking out the balls is easy, and it won't cause any uncomfortable feelings on your private parts or foreign body sensation.

100% Waterproof Kegel Balls.

Girls, don’t forget to take a little care of your body while perfecting your unique beauty! Are you ready to start your vaginal weight lifting routine? Get started with Kegel Balls.