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About Bootency

We believe that every woman has the right to celebrate her sexy.
    At Bootency,
    we’re all about one thing    
    ---encourage women to accept their sensuality physically, mentally, emotionally, and healthily.
    We hope more and more people join us to normalize the conversation about sexy pleasures and sensual experiences and establish the role of lingerie in each woman’s personal story.  
      We're here to bring your every fantasy to alive and guide your journey to discovering your own style or just what you want to be for the moment.Whether it's a memorable lingerie night with your beloved one, a breathable workout while feeling your most confident and powerful self, relishing your summer joy on the beach, lounging in cozy gowns in your sweet house or reaching out your most reliable everyday bra and panties to shine in a stunning outfit, Bootency always get your back. 

        Intimates to basics.
        Sweet to ultra-sexy.
        Feel free to enjoy the cravings
        of your body & mind.
        Every girl,
        celebrate your sexy!
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