Our Story

Bootency is One of a kind

Bootency is different from other sex toy brands at the beginning. We do not define ourselves as the sex toy brand, we always believe that we are the high-quality, stunning lifestyle brand suitable for any scene.

You are your own teacher

We believe that sex is good for you. Sex helps us find ourselves, love ourselves and connect with each other. Sex is the intersection of everything. At Bootency, rather than educating you about sex, we want to un-educate you. To break traditional thought, and use your own way to release your personality. We always lead you to get knowledge and confidence in your body.

Everything is unknown

Every day you wonder where our product will be(Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Car.......... ). We hope you can bring our products to unknown places and experience unknown stimulation. If you know any other special place that can be using our products, let us know!

Welcome to Bootency family

For years, we will keep providing high-quality toys and outstanding customer service because we are not only trying to give you the pleasure you deserve but we are also trying to create a Bootency community where everyone can be their true selves. You won't want to miss the ride, because the best is yet to come!


Our Value:

1.We embrace the change

 Taking risks, breaking rules, and creating new and better ways to do things are what we do. We don’t let “that’s the way it’s always been done” interfere with what could be.

2.We keep it green & safe

 We care about you and the planet. Sustainability comes naturally to us, but it has to work for you, too. So we use eco-friendly inside and outside the box. Also, you deserve to trust our products you are putting on or in your body or someone else’s because we are using 100% body-safe materials.

3.We need you

 You are always our top priority. We read every DM, comment and email, because your feedback is really important to everything that we do. We can’t make products without it!

4.We work hard, play hard

 We are dedicated to our works all the time, but that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously. Our employees use our products to have fun in daily life. After all, there’s a lot of serious stuff in the world, but sex toy doesn’t have to be one of them.